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The Perfect Job

  • The Perfect Job1
  • The Perfect Job2

1. Set up
  • We move all large furniture to the centre of the room.
  • All surfaces will be covered both externally & internally where required.
  • All furniture covered with new plastic drop sheets.
  • Cloth drop sheets are used for all carpet & floor areas.
  • The areas between the skirting & floors will be taped to provide a straight line and to keep floors clean.
  • We also apply a peel & seal plastic called “Protecta Film” to act as a double barrier to protect & the floors.
2. Preparation
  • Areas will be washed down or dusted off where required.
  • All surfaces will be sanded to remove any loose or peeling paint.
  • Any gaps, cracks or holes will be filled.
  • Where appropriate, Primer will be applied.
3. Painting
  • Ceilings and walls are given 2 coats of finish colour.
  • Woodwork and trim are given 2 coats of finish colour.
  • Only Premium quality paints are used.
4. Clean-up & Inspection
  • All internal work areas are vacuumed or swept & left in a clean state.
  • Furniture is moved back to original positions.
  • All garbage from job is removed.
  • A labelled touch-up kit is left for clients.
  • A “walk—around” is done by both clients & crew for a final inspection.
  • Final touch-ups are noted & completed.