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Here at Contemporary Finishes, we choose to be Environmentally Friendly!

  • Environment Solutions

 As a professional painting company, we believe we should be doing everything we can to reduce the impact on the environment. We believe that “Every little bit helps”,so we are committed and determined to protect our environment. We all carry these practices through to our home lives, so that the next generation we are raising will have the respect and knowledge our environment deserves!

We have a set of processes and practises that we follow which enable us to reduce environmental impacts. Our team members are aware of the processes and follow them accordingly. We use and strongly recommend to our clients the Dulux Low VOC Paint Range.These paints are designed to release less harmful fumes into the atmosphere. By reducing the amount of toxins in the air, we all benefit especially those with Allergies, Asthma & Chemical sensitivities. We also practise waste-water treatment strategies by using the Dulux Envirowash System. This system turns paint wash-out into clean water, suitable for gardens, grass and solid waste which is disposed of appropriately. Help Contemporary Finishes preserve our environment by making the right choices.

*Contemporary Finishes are the FIRST Dulux Accredited Green Painters in the Sydney Region and on of only two Sydney Painters to be Certified by Green Painters